Give Your Blog a Workout

After watching the Tumblr v 4Chan battle, it made me wonder how much my server could handle if put under enough stress.

The question, though, was how much stress?

Using the same tool that was used during Tumblr v. 4Chan, I attempted to DDOS my own server.

To be clear, a denial of service attack attempts to overload the server with network requests. So many, in fact, that it can't keep up. Usually this causes web pages to time out and it can really freak out a database!

Enter LOIC - that's Low Orbit Ion Canon. It's basically a DDOS tool. If you decide to use it, be careful. Don't do anything stupid. If you have shared hosting, don't go trying to DDOS your server. You will not only take down your site, but others' too. And trust me, they don't care if you were just running  a stress test.

If you have a dedicated server, or you own a server, there's only harm to you. If you're ok with that....then ok.

To use LOIC is simple, you either enter the URL or the IP address, select the type of attack, enter the number of users to emulate and hit the big button. Done.

I'd strongly encourage you to only use manual mode. Otherwise, the program is remote controlled via an IRC channel

It's really easy, and I learned a lot!

I've learned that any more than 20 constant, simultaneous HTTP requests will stop my server from serving web pages.

I've also learned that I can undergo up to 1000 pings and be ok.

Since this blog is relatively small, and the traffic never spikes that high at once, I can live with all of that.

In the future, I'd obviously need to load balance things to ensure that even under a DDOS I could survive. My personal goal would be 100 simultaneous attempts to connect.

Have you ever stress tested your blog? or even thought about it?

If so, what were your results?