Import Large SQL Files

I’ve been in the process of server migration over the past few days. It’s been easy and I’ve experienced no down time thanks to Cloudflare and the fact that DNS┬ápropagation┬átakes a while. One of the hardest parts of migration wasn’t the site files, it was the databases! I had exported all of the databases into […]

Give Your Blog a Workout

After watching the Tumblr v 4Chan battle, it made me wonder how much my server could handle if put under enough stress. The question, though, was how much stress? Using the same tool that was used during Tumblr v. 4Chan, I attempted to DDOS my own server. To be clear, a denial of service attack […]

Optimizing the Database

Optimizing your database is an increasingly popular way to speed up your blog. The concept is really simple: over time, your database┬ábecomes overburdened with requests and thus creates overhead to compensate. The more a table is accessed, the more likely it is to have overhead. It’s the same way a hard drag fragments itself. The […]