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06/11/2010 · I am just finishing a complete build on a '49 Meteor Ford sedan. We used a Mustang II based front suspension with tubular control arms and a Manual Rack & Pinion Steering. I am taking the car for an alignment and wondered what caster, camber and toe-in specs I should use. Rick. 01/07/2010 · Heidts caster alignment trouble. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20. The Heidts specs show the caster being 1 degee positive,. and the front out it did not increase your postive caster. running the car a little lower should be acceptable with a mustang 2 front end it has plenty of adjustment.

05/01/2005 · Once it's obvious that the frontend of a street rod needs alignment, the challenge you may be faced with is finding someone to do it. We've been turned away from alignment shops for a variety of reasons--everything from they didn't do specialty vehicles without published specs to the car was too low to get on the rack. Independent Front Suspension Mustang II Installation from Heidts. Independent Improvement. Putting a Heidts Mustang II IFS into a Classic Mustang. next. These arms are also very stout and will supply good handling. The slots were the arms attached are used for the alignment, both caster and camber.

18/09/2007 · There's always so much debate about the so-called "Mustang II" suspension systems that I figured we should have a thread all about it. I think the R&C kit allows for a greater range of alignment specs but I really hate the slotted A arm mounts to adjust. 1965 coupe Heidts mustang II IFS project car: IFS Mustang 2 for '55 Chevy: Forums. 03/04/2007 · does anybody have alignment specs for a mustang II front end. Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries. alignment specs for mustang II. Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by pepeford50, Apr 2,. my alignment guy just plugged a mustang in the computer when he did mine. Getting your hot rod down the road straight from the start not only ensures proper handling, but it also gives your tires an even wear pattern and long life. Anytime you’ve installed new components to the front suspension you should check the frontend alignment. 18/11/2003 · "Believe it or not, I've heard of shops trying to use '40 Ford axle alignment specs on a Mustang II front suspension just because it's in a '40 Ford!" By using the manufacturer-supplied alignment specs for the spindle, your new IFS should work as well as it. This is the place for all Ford Mustang II based IFS information. Here you will find projects new and old as well as the old installation instructions from our kits, hints and tips on alignment and how to get the most of your Mustang II based installation.

29/10/2012 · Learn step-by-step how to perform a Mustang Front-end Alignment in this article from Mustang Monthly Magazine. The Mustang II has caster adjustment on the upper control arm via eccentrics, which are also used to adjust camber. From ’79-up, the McPherson strut adjustment is on top,. REVIEWS & SPECS. 11/04/2013 · I do have a buddy who has an old wheel alignment machine or what ever it is, mounts to the rim, and its all done that way. I just don't want to take it to some kid at a tire place that goes off mustang II specs that aren't accurate enlight of the adjustment also being done at the struts.I gotta find an old guy whos "been their done that". Note: These kits require the purchase of a Mustang II crossmember sold separately. Many of our Speedway and Heidts brand crossmembers will work with Manual Rack and Pinion Steering ONLY. When purchasing our crossmembers, be sure to look for their correspondence with power racks if selecting a power rack with our Mustang II IFS kits. Find Heidts Mustang II Front Suspension Packages and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Get your street rod up and rolling and improve your vehicle's suspension, handling, and performance with o.

  1. Mustang II Suspension kits come complete with crossmember, paintable tubular upper and lower full A-frame style control arms, 11” five lug rotors, bearings and seals, springs, shocks, stock spindles, GM calipers with brackets and pads, manual rack and pinion with tie rod ends and bushings, rubber spring cushions, spindle nuts w/washers, and.
  2. Welcome to Heidts Hot Rod & Muscle Car Parts. Automotive Group provides the best suspension and related chassis component solutions to create a superior buyer experience for the professional and hobbyist car builder or installer.
  3. Once you have that set you can move each bolt in or out equally to set the camber. The Heidts specs show the caster being 1 degee positive, camber 1/4 degree positive and 1/8" toe in. TCI recommends 1.5-2.0 degrees positive caster with a manual rack and 4 degrees positive caster with a power rack. They want 0 degrees camber and 1/32-1/16 inch.
  4. The rear, solid axle suspension is not adjustable. The recommended alignment type is THRUSTLINE. Wheel alignment specs with adjustment illustrations are available by subscription for all Mustang models HERE 1974-1978 Mustang II The Second Generation Mustang II also has a short-long arm SLA front suspension, which is fully adjustable for.

16/01/2007 · I second that. Boy was I pissed when my favorite alignment shop screwed up my alignment. I bought different size tires and said fix the toe angle. The alignment was set up for mild race and the shop took it to stock specs. I'll never go there again. They weren't even willing to fix it. 14/11/2010 · Barring that the basics for a Mustang II front end are in the order of 1/2 degree camber on the left, 1/8 degree on the right, 1 1/4 degree caster on the left, 1 1/2 degree on the right, and zero toe with radial tires unless you are getting bump steer. A good front end guy should be able to set you up if you just tell him what you have in hardware.

26/08/2005 · Hey everyone, I know this has been covered before but the links that have been in prior posts dont seem to open up fo rme today anyways. So I was wondering if anyone could tell me what they have used for alignment specs on an aftermarket Mustang II IFS set up. Our Mustang II spindles are constructed from 1045 heat-treated alloy steel. Retains absolute stock factory geometry and uses all stock rotors, bearings, calipers, etc., making it easy to install. Note: If using OEM caliper brackets, slight modification of the spindle and/or the caliper bracket is required.

18/08/2017 · Ruth pointed out that, while the kit shares factory geometry and alignment specs with the original Mustang II front end, it is superior in terms of construction and strength. The biggest change—also seen on other aftermarket kits—is the use of tubular control arms, instead of the Mustang II’s stamped steel arms. Check out this video of Heidts Automotive Group's Senior Mechanical Engineer, Jim Shaw as he walks us through the product expansion of their Superide II IFS independent front suspension. If you want to outfit your ride with up to date aftermarket performance technology check out the article and links inside. 03/07/2018 · a Mustang II front end with the strut arms. So my question: What should I set Camber, Caster, Toe to? They use a lazier Hunter machine and are working off the rear wheels for a 4 wheel alignment? Is there a rule of thumb or a set of workable numbers that I can give them? Advice? Lots of people have been down this road before, so fill me in. Mustang II Crossmember Kits Installation Instructions 1. Remove all front sheet metal, bumper, radiator, engine and transmission. 2. Locate and mark centerline of front axle on top, sides and bottom of both frame rails with a scribe. 3. Suspend car on jack stands placed just.

Heidts Mustang II Complete Front Suspension Kits are everything you need to get the handling and stopping power that you have been looking for. These Complete Front Suspension Kits are available in pre-fit kits or universal kits to easily match your vehicle. 18/10/2011 · 36 Ford coupe with a Southern Rods M II front end. Anybody got the specs for alignment? Caster, Camber, toe in??? Seems the "new" alignment equipment are all computerized but they don't have any specs going back before 1990.

  1. Mustang we hope! it is time to test drive it. After a few hundred miles, double check the ride height and the alignment. The springs may have settled, which would change the ride height and the camber setting. Readjust the ride height before changing the alignment. After this initial setting period, the springs and bushings should have pretty.
  2. Your Mustang II IFS Parts Package contains the parts listed above. You may have purchased other options which will dictate how your kit is packaged, such as big brakes, coil-over shocks, etc. The basic assembly for a Mustang II IFS is shown on the exploded view on this sheet.
  3. Official DIY Tutorials and Instructions/Diagrams for HEIDTS Suspension Installation, IFS, IRS, PRO-G, SUPERIDE for Mustangs, Camaros and more.

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