Categories, Monetization, and More…

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this blog, what it means to me, where I want it to go, and all the other stuff that comes along with thinking about blogs. Thanks to the extraction of my wisdom teeth (all four!) this week, I’ve finally gotten a chance to think about what I want to do with this piece of virtual property. I’ve re-arranged my categories (using some great advice), got some great post ideas in mind, added some monetization strategies, and been investing even more time in scaling the site to meet the demands I’m hoping for. (Yes, that’s going to be a post!)

The hardest thing was pruning and merging categories. It’s something a lot of bloggers don’t do and they end up with 1,000 categories with 1 post in each. That’s not good for anything…especially sanity and SEO! Since I’m going to be focusing this blog largely on WordPress, Blogging, and WordPress Performance, I had to make my categories matched that. Here’s what I came up with:

Each category is pretty self explanatory, I think. Expect to see the most in Performance and WordPress! Web is going to be used as my play category where I post things that don’t always pertain to WordPress, Performance, or even Blogging, but still want to share!

My monetization efforts have always been minimal and not visually assaulting. I do it on purpose. Now, rather than seeing the same ads on every page, the ads change on the post pages and a few of my other static pages (Archives, Sitemap, etc.). This is to present you with ads that are strategically related to the post…in other words, you won’t be seeing cupcake ads on posts about WordPress (the algorithm isn’t perfect, so you might see a few mismatches)!

The search bar is always present in case you wish to search the blog for another article!

I’ve been working really hard on ideas to move this blog forward.

Hold on tight.

Expect awesome.