Powered Entirely by AWS.

Did you know that every aspect of this blog is powered by Amazon Web Services? That’s right, everything down to DNS is in the cloud! It’s kind of a stupid thing to blog about, but I think the next generation of web hosting will be entirely “cloud based”. It makes sense too. Clouds are elastic. Just like the kind found in pants. Clouds can shrink and expand as necessary. The only difference is that, theoretically, Clouds won’t reach a breaking point and make you buy new pants.

See exactly how this blog works after the break.

Here’s the breakdown of this blog’s piping:

Server – Cloud instance running on EC2

Storage – Amazon S3/CloudFront

DNS – Amazon Route 53

On EC2: EC2 is one of the most powerful cloud computing platforms available. It’s fast, it’s cheap, and incredibly easy to use.

On Storage: S3 is awesome and so is CloudFront. I use both depending on what I’m serving. Videos and stuff will always use CloudFront while static content (CSS, JS, Images, etc.) will always ¬†use S3.

On DNS: Saying DNS is “in the cloud” is kind of silly. It’s always been “in the cloud”. It’s just a new phrase to explain it. While Route 53 isn’t the easiest DNS/NS solution available, it’s definitely fast. It’s also distributed across 4 name server clusters in various parts of the world.

When I made the DNS move earlier in the week, it hit me: the only thing that you can’t do with AWS is register domain names…but I have a feeling that one day that will be made available. Just a matter of time. And when it is made available, I’ll use it as well.

I’ll write a tutorial on setting every aspect of a cloud based blog in a few days so you too can see how easy* this is.

*Easy meaning you have a working understanding of Linux, SSH, and then some.