I’m super excited about this and I’ve kept quiet as long as possible just in case something didn’t work out, but I’ve just been hired by Booster as an IT Specialist. I’m number 2 in the IT department, so there’s a lot to be done! It’s super exciting! I love getting to plan things and then execute them at speeds that make heads spin.

Booster seems like an awesome company to work for. I’ve been in their Atlanta office twice at this point and the culture is awesome. It’s full of energy which I think will make getting things done relatively easy and a lot of fun.

Another cool part is who I get to work for. His name is John, but most people know him as @Tentblogger. I’ve followed him online for several years, so actually meeting and working with him still feels somewhat surreal…but definitely exciting.

In the past I’ve worked for Kroger, Chick-Fil-A, Kroger (again) and I’ve interned every summer since 2007 at the National Christian Foundation (NCF). I’ve never had a full-time job like this before, so I’m super excited about it! 

On a more sentimental note, I need to thank everyone at NCF for the past 4 years. Being able to learn the ins and outs of IT and everything that goes a long with it has been awesome and I wouldn’t be where I am now without them. It’s been fun, and I’ll definitely miss everyone…but I’m only 7 minutes away. ;)

Day 1 is Monday. I’m amped.

UPDATE: See this post for a quick little update.